Sandbox Settings

If I want CIS to sandbox unknown programs & not show Unlimited Rights alerts, which option should I disable?

  1. Detect programs which require elevated privileges

  2. Show privilege elevation alerts for unknown programs

If I disable 1st option, 2nd is disabled too.

If I disable 2nd option, 1st remains enabled.

What means both the options disabled?

What means 1st enabled & 2nd disabled?

To get rid of the alerts you need to disable the first option (which will also disable the second option)

I’m not sure what exactly is the difference between the option, however it could be that option 1 only detects installers/updates that asks for administrative privileges while option 2 detects all unknown applications that asks from administrative privileges? Again, not sure.

Im also wondering how to make it always ask for unlimited rights with the option to fully trust the application and isolate it of course. basically this