Sandbox settings

I checked some other posts on this but still not clear. I am running the newest June release of CIS and win 7 64…In sandbox settings:

Is it safer to to check or uncheck
Automatically run installers outside of sand box
Automatically run unrecognized programs inside of sandbox

Some say yes others say no. Do these two statements mean that a program will automatically run without my permission or do i still need to grant permission to a program or the installation of one? If I uncheck these two then I’m assuming it will ask me for permission all the time? Thanks

in the old version (4) it would ask for elevated privileges and only have allow or deny. In version 4.1 how it is worded better asking for unlimited access to your computer and now you have sandbox, allow, deny available to you. I would say with version 4.1 it is ok to leave it checked. Nothing will run without your permission you will just get this one alert instead of 10.