sandbox [Resolved]

i can not see any programs running in the sand box,is it a bug that will be fixed.i think its a great program,and it passed all the testes at remove .they found the same problem with the sandbox,im telling all my friends about it.its the best even better than the ones you buy.

john bell


Please see the Introduction to the sandbox (link in my signature) for ways of finding out what has been automatically sandboxed.

Improvements coming, we are told.

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thanks mouse,you’ve been great help,i have another problem,i tried leak test,altered settings but it just kept resetting,and i couldn’t get it to pass is it a fault?.

If you are referring to the Comodo leak test I understand that it is being re-designed for version 4 of CIS. There are quite a lot of threads on this in the CIS Bug Reports and Help Forum, but to get the latest its probably best to ask in the CLT help forum.

BTW I agree - CIS is much better than anything commercially available. You can lock down CIS so you you see everything that a piece of suspect software does, and approve it. No other security package in the domestic market allows that level of control as far as I am aware.

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