Sandbox reset crashing

Hi, sorry for long post but I’m confused… :-[

Running CIS firewall only, version 6.3…2976 and having random loops trying to reset the sandbox. I use Virtual Kiosk only to run Comodo Dragon, or run CD from its virtual shortcut… or try to.

If/when reset sandbox works, the active processes list of sandboxed apps continues to fill up. Randomly, a reset just loops and needs a reboot of windows to clear it. That sorted things … at least until today.

Not sure if it is linked, but updating CD from its internal updater never worked–message would say the file had the wrong certificate–so I did a clean download of CD and after that CIS won’t find CD unless I ‘Run Virtual’ and navigate to it.

This opens a virtual CD, but the new shortcut won’t open CD again, even though the sandbox shows CD apps running in it. :o I can right-click the real shortcut and “Run in sandbox”.

Today Virtual Kiosk looped and needed a windows reset as nothing would work. I downloaded ver 6 again and did a clean install. Same sandbox symptoms: CD still won’t open from virtual shortcuts. CIS just doesn’t want to play with CD even though its in the exact same path/folder as before.

Is there a manual tweak to force virtual_mode_helper.exe to find the new version of CD, given it’s still in the same folder. Or is there something else I should tweak in the sandbox settings?

Maybe this post should be in another thread?

Try deleting fvstor.dat in the system32 folder when the sandbox is not running.

Not sure if it is linked, but updating CD from its internal updater never worked--message would say the file had the wrong certificate--so I did a clean download of CD and after that CIS won't find CD unless I 'Run Virtual' and navigate to it.
A different problem: [quote="George-Silviu Blendea post:2, topic:295515"] Hello,

We are currently tracking this issue, but the reproducibility rate was extremely low during tests. There is no issue with the file signature, instead I’ve found some hints that it could be related to the operating system. Some digital signatures are not detected correctly when the files are downloaded from the internet.

A quick solution for you would be to download the setup and install it manually to update the browser.


Hi EricJH, thanks for advice.

Sorry for second long post but want to cover all bases…

Since first posting, Virtual Kiosk kept locking my system at the loading spinner, so I did a second complete install of CIS (and CD for good measure), using Safe Mode and the cleanup utility etc. I searched the registry and deleted a Comodo key I found, and also a Comodo Non-Plug and Play Driver I found in device manager.

After fresh installing CIS I imported my config settings as I have a lot of firewall rules I don’t want to have to retype. VK locked my system again each time I tried it.

Wondered if maybe I’d imported the problem with the old config file, so activated a fresh config. VK opened fine! :slight_smile:

I compared the new config and my old one and noticed I’d changed Auto-Sandbox to ‘Restricted’ instead of the default ‘partially limited’. Changed setting back to ‘partially limited’ and VK worked fine in my old config!

Is it plausible that increasing this setting would break Virtual Kiosk? Guess it must’ve. Guide needs to maybe allow for idiots like me?

On a roll, I tried a fresh install of Comodo Dragon sandboxed… but found same problem as before, as stepped through here:

Use “Run Virtual” to open CD, tick “Create a virtual desktop shortcut”. CD opens in sandbox and shortcut’s created. Close CD, reset sandbox, click the virtual shortcut. Three apps appear in the active processes list (sandboxed only), but CD itself won’t open.

The virtual shortcut’s path is:“C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon \virtual_mode_helper.exe”

Did a test: “Run Virtual” to open Foxit Reader, tick “Create a virtual desktop shortcut”. Foxit Reader opens in sandbox and shortcut’s created. Close Reader, reset sandbox, click the virtual shortcut. Three apps appear in the active processes list (sandboxed only) and Foxit Reader opens fine each time in the sandbox, just as you’d expect.

Virtual shortcut’s path isn’t the same as the one created for CD:

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\virtkiosk.exe” -v “C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Foxit Reader.exe”

Is “virtual_mode_helper.exe” needed when opening CD in sandbox instead of virtkiosk.exe, I wondered?

To see what happened, manually amend CD’s virtual shortcut path to the same switch in Foxit Reader’s:-

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\virtkiosk.exe” -v “C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\Dragon.exe”

It only went and worked! 8) Can reset sandbox and use my desktop virtual shortcut for CD. So far the problem seems cured. One caused by me and the other by virtual_mode_helper.exe by the look of it.

Do I get a Comodo medal? What added advantage is “virtual_mode_helper.exe” supposed to give and can I live without it?

Need to amend the above random theory why Virtual Disk was crashing my system every time I tried to launch it even after a clean re-install. According to Chiron’s setup advice, I can change Auto Sandbox to Untrusted, which I’ve now done, so tightening that setting couldn’t have caused the crashes. VD is now working on Untrusted.

The fact that VD worked only after I swopped my config for a fresh one, ran VD and reverted to my original config, I’ve no idea why. Don’t care as long as it is fixed. As for running CD virtualised, changing the automatically created shortcut path worked, so I don’t need to know that one either. All good. :slight_smile: