Sandbox reset broke browsers running in sandbox

Hi All,

I reset the comodo sandbox (received message that it was done successfully) and now ice dragon and firefox won’t display properly when running in virtual mode - all the text is missing from the menus and the graphics are all weird (e.g. negative effect, blocky and missing). They run fine unvirtualised. Also EI works fine when virtualised but I never use it.

I tried uninstall/reboot/reinstall of ice dragon and it did not fix the problem.


I don’t know what the problem could be, but have you tried resetting the sandbox again after the issue occurred?


Resetting again worked! All browers displaying normally. Hopefully it’s not an intermitant problem (or unrelated to the sandbox reset).

Many, many thanks Sanya. Who’d of thought it would be so easy? I was just about to restore a disc image…



The problem manifested itself again - browser displayed text as graphical boxes. However, it did not happen when I reset the sandbox. It happened when I opened firefox in virtual mode (sandboxed, not kiosk) while the browser was already running in non-virtual mode. I closed both versions, reset the sandbox, and the virtual mode worked correctly again.

So it seems that resetting the sandbox might not have been the cause of the problem. Has anyone experienced this type of issue when running the same brower in the two different modes simultaneously?