sandbox question and wow.exe running in cav free

the wow community has really taken a hammering on the amount of accounts being hacked and items gear sold off for real world gold in recent months…

i came to install cav free asfter working on a friends rig …his system infested my usb flash with the autorun.inf trojan

after trying various avs and every trick including autorun disables etc posted on the net it was cav that picked up the buffer overun attack …allowed me to clean the flash drives and reformat them…

so ive recommended your system to my wow guild on their forums…

so onto the main question…i can run wow in the sandbox what would be the optimal settings to prevent a logger getting my pass in the event that an there was one undetected on the machine…

is it possible for sandbox to prevent a logger getting information from a login screen as its typed?

wow players …in the case of emcor.dll that loggs and can man in the middle blizzard authenticators …seem to like malwarebytes…personally i think sas is better…but neither of those saved my flash drives…it was the proactive def that did the trick

i can tell you that if u are able to help warcraft players secure accounts …then the entire 10 million player base would switch to cav overnite…:slight_smile:

Many attempts to access the screen are automatically blocked, but not all.

What is entirely protected is this. Even if a program running in the sandbox is able to access your password, it cannot send anything over the internet unless you allow the alert. Thus you are protected from this unless you allow an unknown program access to the internet.

idk what about the sandbox and games problem ???

yeah my thinking was this…the sandbox prevents a program from communicating with the main system

therefore:…if warcraft was run in the sandbox then in the event of a keylogger being on the system would that be isolated when you enter your user pass…preventing the logger from reading your pass

the program usb disksecurity has a nifty virtual keyboard …do they actually work.?..