Sandbox problems

Jerry (03/06/10 01:33:23): Hello. How may I help you? Subscriber (03/06/10 01:34:35): greetings! I'm just trying new COMODO sandbox functionality. it looks great but I want to know some things - can I use one sandbox for a group of programs? Jerry (03/06/10 01:35:46): There is only one sandbox for all programs. Subscriber (03/06/10 01:36:32): and also - how can I "clean" sandbox: I started a file manager in sandbox, then closed it and then started again in sandbox and have same files I created in previous session, so it wasn't cleaned after program close... can I clean it manually? or set to clean after each sandboxed program close? Jerry (03/06/10 01:37:42): You must go to the Defense+ Jerry (03/06/10 01:37:51): Select Sandbox Jerry (03/06/10 01:38:22): Go to "Programs in the Sandbox" Subscriber (03/06/10 01:38:40): it is empty Jerry (03/06/10 01:38:47): And you have the Remove button if you have any files. Subscriber (03/06/10 01:38:52): but I have 2 programs running in sandbox Subscriber (03/06/10 01:39:43): and also I can't see files created in 1st sandboxed program from 2nd sandboxed Subscriber (03/06/10 01:40:15): I'm using the release version, not a beta Subscriber (03/06/10 01:41:26): all settings is default, I just installed CIS4 and had no time to reconfigure Jerry (03/06/10 01:43:40): Both programs run in the same sandbox. Subscriber (03/06/10 01:44:08): but why then they can't see folders/files of each other? Jerry (03/06/10 01:44:18): In order to receive further assistance you will have to subscribe to our services or check our forums involving Comodo Internet Security 4.

So, the problems I found:
I started 2 sandboxed programs (file managers) via Defence+ >> Sandbox >> Run. Both was started with no problems, but when I’m creating in each file manager files and folders I can’t see it on another one, so looks it is on different sandboxes. For now it’s ok for me, but there are another one thing I don’t loke at all - when I’m closing sandboxed file manager and starting it again the files created in previous session of each of sandboxed file namagers are present. Looks it is ok, but I want to make the sandbox clean and I didn’t found how to make it clean - I see no entries into Defence+ >> Sandbox >> Programs in the Sandbox (maybe it’s because I didn’t added any entries there before?).
My OS is Windows 7 x64.

BTW: Much of probrams works incorrectly when sandbox is active: some has no rights to write in C:\ (UAC isn’t acrive), Universal viewer can’t start from TC at all.
(Also all programs has no rights to write to folders where they are installed - indifferent to sandbox settings)