Sandbox permanently damages Windows System

Running under my normal Administrator profile within Windows Ultimate + SP1, 64 BIT,
Using Comodo A.V. + Firewall + Defense+ + Sandbox I extracted Portable-Palemoon v8.0 (32 bit) - Firefox type browser. I added several Addons. There were a few Sandbox Popups initially, but I think no pop-ups after the first Addon. After a browser restart all but 2 Addons were fully operational. LastPass and Xmarks were mutilated and crippled and permanently requiring yet another Browser Restart.

Infinitely worse - EVEN WITH SANDBOX DISABLED they were so badly mutilated there was no “Remove” button and no way to invoke an Uninstall or a “Do Over”,no matter how often I restarted the Browser.

Because this was an Addon to a Portable Application I was able to locate and remove the LastPass and Xmarks files that Sandbox mutilated.

Had the problem been with an Application that is installed and incorporated within the Windows system, including System32, Assembly, WinSXS, and the Registry,then I would have given up all hope and needed my Boot Recover CD to restore a previous partition image backup.

I cannot trust a sandbox that permanently modifies installation files and cripples Windows.I thought the idea of the Sandbox was to “Do No Harm” but to protect the computer.

The Defense Logs show that PaleMoon was Sandboxed as Partially Limited,and also Palemoon was forced to action “modify file” on the Lastpass and Xmarks files.This “modify” was a destructive mutilation.

Originally I thought LastPass and Xmarks needed to protect passwords and would hook deeper into the system for that purpose,and that the failure was due to Windows not permitting such actions under “Limited Authority”.

With the Sandbox disabled then they still failed, and I assumed they were badly coded and expected first time success and were incapable of a retry.

I requested advice and supplied extra relevant information including Event logs at; Still no answer to my question upon the meaning/effect of “Modify File”

I do not trust SandBox and have not used it for the last month.

I have just tested under standard “USER” profile (non-admin) with Sandbox disabled. I extracted Portable-Palemoon v12.0 to another folder and added the Addons, Accepting all Defense+ Alerts. Everything went smoothly and after a browser restart all Addons were cleanly incorporated and functional. Windows did not block anything even though Admin authority was not used.

I deduce that using normal User restricted privileges there are no problems adding LastPass and Xmarks, which leads to the conclusion that when the SandBox causes “Modify File” it does permanent crippling Mutilation that is not undone when Sandbox is cancelled. This is not what I expect of Sandbox type protection.

I see no reason to trust the integrity of my third party Partition Manager which might have been damaged by the Sandbox. I will have to un-install and re-install.

I really hope the Sandbox has not damaged all the Windows Security patches that were incorporated immediately after I connected the internet to a brand new Windows installation + a Default Comodo installation including Sandbox crippling.


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