Sandbox Newbie Questions [RESOLVED]

Hi…I am very new to the Sandbox aspect & have a couple of basic Questions.

  1. If I run my browsers sandboxed, where do the the download of files go ? I tried to download some files which normally go to my desktop…cannot find at all.

  2. Is it better to add my browsers & email clients etc (internet facing applications) to run as sandboxed via the comodo interface, or is it better to let Comodo decide?

Many thanks for any assistance.

Here they go. Meantime Sandbox folder is renamed into VritualRoot folder (no, it’s not a typo)

Please do read the Introduction to the sandbox (link in signature), and the FAQ on sandboxing browsers. That will get you up to speed.

Best wishes


I fail to understand the reponses in a fashion… I gather they are some sort of criticism. I quickly read some of the mentioned items. STILL do not know where downloaded files (when sandboxed) go.
Could someone please just answer my questions if possible. I find reading all the info a bit too high brow for me.


first you should understand how the comodo sandbox works which is what the other 2 responses were saying because you shouldn’t run your internet browsers sandboxed thats not how comodo sandbox works. To find your sandboxed downloads go to (first your going to have to show hidden files) C:\Sandbox(whatever browser you use)\HarddiskVolume2\Users(your user name)\Desktop
you should really read this post about how this sandbox works

if you still have questions after you read this i would be happy to help to the best of my abilities


Your queries now seem to now been resolved. I’ll lock this topic and mark as [RESOLVED] should you have any further queries relating to this specific issue please PM an online Moderator and the topic can then be re-opened. If you have any other queries or issues please create a new topic.