Sandbox makes WoW crash [Resolved]

Im using CIS 4 on windows 7 x64. If I use Sandbox and run WoW, WoW will crash after a few minutes into game play. If I turn Sandbox off WoW works fine. Anyway to get WoW to work with Sandbox?

Sorry that you are having this problem.

Another user has found that changing Launcher.exe in D+ rules to Installer/updater fixed the issue.

If not a solution may be found here.

Also please have a look at this draft new FAQ on files which are difficult to remove from the sandbox here. If these techniques don’t work for you, please post what happened when you tried each of them, and I’ll investigate further. If a technique does work please tell me which one so I can help other users of this program.

Best wishes


[color=purple]Hi Yahar,

Your queries now seem to now been resolved. I’ll lock this topic and mark as [RESOLVED] should you have any further queries relating to this specific issue please PM an online Moderator and the topic can then be re-opened. If you have any other queries or issues please create a new topic.