Let Judgment be fair!!!

I voted to make it optional during installation just like the AV, Firewall, and D+ are. (Even though D+ isn’t specifically listed as optional, it is within the Firewall installer. If you choose Firewall only, you don’t get D+)

The problem with the sandbox is it seems to add as many pop-ups as it reduces. I used to just get pop-ups from the firewall & D+. Now there are pop-ups from FW, D+, and sandbox (not to mention threatcast?)

Also, CIS still seems to have some issues remembering answers. I found(past tense because I have since uninstalled) every time I rebooted I got a new pop-up asking if I want to sandbox Dropbox, even though the first time I got it I selected to run outside of the sandbox & to save my answer. It gets frustrating to get pop-ups for the same app more that once.

I totally agree and had the same issues with different files. Mine were with files from Steam which kept getting sandboxed after I had told CIS not to do it any more. The worst part was that it was doing it without giving the popup saying it had done it. I was only able to see it was happening by reading the logs.

I agree totally that it adds more popups than it reduces.

Yep, the sandbox caused pop-ups and issues with Steam for me also.

I use steam and I don’t have no problems at all.

I had to turn it of because Steam Games made with Valves Source Engine always failed to lock Vertex Buffers.

As Vertex Buffers store 3D Geometry, they are vital for the Engine and thus the game always crashed.
I created a custom policy for each game that had this Problem, and that solved it.

I’ve never had a problem with vertex buffers. My problem was that the sandbox was preventing Steam from updating properly and then was also making it impossible to connect to servers in Team Fortress 2 because the hl2.exe and GameOverlayUi.exe files kept getting sandboxed. It even happened when both the Firewall and D+ were put into training mode which always had solved the problems in the versions of CIS. This happened even after placing the files in My Trusted Files and adding Valve to the Trusted Vendors list. It sandboxed them without even giving the popup that it had done so. The only way I could get the game to work was to disable the sandbox.

1)They are informational alerts that do NOT require to choose “Allow” or “Deny”. As you know the issue was end user’s didn’t know how to answer, so we removed that obstacle.

2)You can always switch off the sandbox alerts.


I like the sandbox idea and the reason for it, Just generally how CIS works. (Not including the AV, but that’s optional so it’s ok!)

Trust known files, sandbox untrusted. I just think CIS and the sandbox just need several tweaks… but they are for sure IMO heading in the right direction…

Thanks Melih. If I ignore the prompt, I assume it will sandbox the app, and I don’t want that. Is my assumption correct?

that is correct.

If you don’t want Sandbox enabled then you can turn off.

If you want to selectively enable apps for sandboxing as Sandbox shows the alert, that means you know enough to instruct what to do.

The point is: Sandbox removes the need for the user to make a decision.


Is iit a pain to make sandbox optional? Hey it doesnt do any harm as many would have it turned…and giving more options wont do any harm!!

despite being optional to turn off after install the installer itself should have a option to disable/not install the software just like everything else.

If you are savvy enough, then its easy enough for you to turn it off…
if you are not savvy enough, then you need it enabled by default…
1)novice users won’t know what sandbox is what it does…
2)novice users won’t know how to enable after install…
3)giving too many options at the installation might confuse novice users…

Where is the harm if you are savvy enough to decide that you don’t need sandbox by making these savvy users click a button or two, compared to majority of novice users, who wouldn’t know how to handle this stuff?

hope this makes sense…


I voted for ‘Make it an optional module and make improvements’
Actually from 4.0 i always disable it until now :stuck_out_tongue: I do not feel any good to me, in fact it made some application does not run smoothly & drop the performance. Sorry for no offence.

I guess AV, Firewall, D+ and Sandbox should all be optional!

I totally agree !

I think that SB should be kept. Why?
Because average users don’t know much about computer security and even if virus is found, they may not click on delete. Instead, they try to close it or something. SB comes in hand with new viruses. It blocks them successfully and protects computer at it’s best.
If you really want, you can turn it off.
Also, without SB, computer is more vulnerable because not all can answer D+ questions so good like we can.

just my 2 cents

Dont make it optional and make improvements(Keep it as is is regarding integration to CIS)