Sandbox Issues

I have the latest Comodo IS updated today… I have Novel Groupwise and although when a notification poped up about it auto sandboxing the app, I chose to not run this program in the sandbox again, Each time I launch the app it still sandboxes it. If I go to My Own Safe Files the required files are there, but in the Defense + log it still shows the app as being sandboxed limited? Isn’t the My OWN Safe files a Whitelist of apps that should bypass it?

Strange it should bypass it.

Are all the files staying in My Safe Files between reboots? If they are bouncing out that may tell us something.

It’s just possible that Groupwise is being run by a sandboxed program itself. You should be able to see this from the active processes list in D+. If it is it will run sandboxed no matter what. You will need to unsandbox the program that is running it.

A work-around is to define it as an installer/updater in the computer security policy in Defence +.

You could also try adding Novel as a trusted Vendor via ‘My Trusted Vendors’. If Novel won’t add take a note of the error message.

Only do these things of course if you are sure the file is from Novel!

See Intro to the sandbox in my signature for more.

Best wishes