sandbox issue?

When i place files in my safe list i still get a prompt that my program is going into the sandbox when i placed the whole dictory of the program in my safe list.

that shouldnt happen should it? it shouldnt run in the sandbox i dont think or am i wrong?

ok i noticed that when i restarted my computer after i add the files to my safe list i dont get prompted anymore.

shouldnt that take affect right away and not need a restart?

Possibly what is happening here is that one sandboxed file (which has not been restarted, and therefore remains sandboxed) is running other files from that directory. These are automatically sandboxed becuase they are being run by a sandboxed file, not because they themselves are unknown. When you reboot you restart all the files outside the sandbox, and all is OK.

See the Intro to the sandbox - link in my signature for an understanding of how the sandbox works.

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We shouldn’t have to reboot to get the sandbox to stop putting things we have designated as safe in there. That’s very inconvenient and also poor design.

(And btw, it doesn’t always work. My experience is that it only stops telling you it is sandboxing those things while still doing it anyway)

I agree that design improvements to the sandbox are needed. I think you’ll see the design of the sandbox improve as further version 4 issues are launched.

(I’m not a Comodo member of staff so I cannot make explicit promises!)