Sandbox is still a big mess

You’ve added the pop-up window that shows when a program is sandboxed and I can choose to be “released” out of the sandbox.
That’s very nice in theory… but practice shows different thing.

My yahoo! messenger .exe is somehow modified and it is not recognized by CIS 4. I choose to be set out of the sandbox. But, after that Defense+ shows “Blocked xxx suspicious attempts”. Why is it still being blocked ?!

Firefox.exe is a trusted application, original file and it is being blocked. Why ?!?
I can’t even copy-paste something in Firefox.
My beloved CIS 4 is blocking it.

This is the worst CIS release ever. Why did you get it out of beta if you still have bugs ?

I reported this bug while in the RC phase. I even talked with egemen and some other stuff members.
It was useless. You simply ignored it totally. :-TD :-TD :-TD

Here’s a screenshot:

That Sandbox is far from being in a Beta stage, and we have a final product here.
Shame on you!

Well, I should made some points here:

Now I get that a process once being sandboxed can’t be “un-sandboxed” while running, so it should be restarted to work properly.
And here I have a suggestion: you should specify this in the warning window.

The default setting that will sandbox automatically every untrusted .exe is a little bit too much as you don’t have the biggest “Trusted vendors” list yet.
An average or begginer user won’t know how to disable or make this working properly.

Hello! Once released version 3.14 of the CIS, are some problems with his defense, in the first place if I set defense + to Safe mode (maximum proactive security), do not remember the rules and even worse if a program is not in the list of safe programs , their run defense allows. Only if set to paranoid mode only then defense + begin to ask rules! In Version 3.10 of the CIS this is not happening! When defense + was set to Safe mode (maximum proactive security), then act normal and required rules for programs! 88) ???

Hi Pykko

Sorry you are having these problems.

If firefox is still being sandboxed could you confirm a) what program is opening it b) what version it is.

If not obvious, you can get information on what program opened firefox by installing sysinternals process explorer (just google these 3 words), and double clicking on the firefox ‘line’. The program that opened it will be listed as the parent. If this parent program is sandboxed then firefox will be. You can tell (for almost certain) whether a program is sandboxed by whether it has a job tab when you double click on it in process explorer. As I think you know, you can normally un-sandbox a program by adding it to ‘My Safe Files’.

Hope this helps