Sandbox is not allowing my application

Im running CIS version 4.0.141842.828 (the 64bit version) under Windows seven 64bit.

I have a problem in running one of my apps and I think its because of sandbox.

I have a gamehouse application “TextTwist” added in the sadbox database to run with unrestricted security level, and I even added this application to my own safe file so sandbox wont run it in sandbox.

But when I tried to execute the app, it crashes(in the admin account it runs fine, but not in the standard mode). I concluded that it was sadbox because before CIS was installed “TextTwist” runs fine in my both user accounts(admin and standard).

Even with the sandbox disabled the app still crash.

But when I try to run TextTwist in the “run a program in the sandbox”, with any of the four security levels, TextTwist runs fine.

Why does sandbox failed to see the entry of my specified app to run unrestricted security level but able to execute the app in the “run a program in the sandbox”.

Please try these workarounds here to see if they work. Then at least we will know the source!

Best wishes


I wonder if you would check and see if this is resolved in 4.1?

Many thanks