Sandbox is messed up

I was in the Virtual Desktop, then I tried to get out of it but it wouldn’t recognize my password (which was correct). Since I couldn’t get out of it, I had to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and log in with the Admin account, and then terminated virtkiosk.exe. Now I can’t Reset the Sandbox, neither enter the Virtual desktop. The “Resetting the Sandbox” window is running for several minutes, and whenever I try to go to the Virtual Desktop only the process “virtkiosk.exe” that’s it.

What could be happening and how can I fix this?

There must be a folder somewhere that COMODO uses for it’s virtual desktop, I just can’t find it. Maybe if I delete it everything will get back to normal.


Default folder is C:\VTRoot

Any other location? There’s no such folder here :confused: I even enabled view of Hidden items/folders and protected system files.

That’s the only one I know about. It may be different if you use a password. Someone with more knowledge may chime in. I don’t use the Virtual Desktop myself.

Hi Guys,
The location L.A.R. Grizzly mentioned is the only location I know.

AmarildoJr, does diagnostics show any errors?
Found under the question mark, support in the title bar controls.
Title bar controls-Comodo Help


That’s a hidden folder, you should enable the Windows option to see hidden folders

@captainsticks: I had to disable “Hide empty drives in the computer folders”, but now I can see the VTRoot folder.

I already deleted it, but I’m hesitant to try Virtual Desktop again, even though I already re-installed COMODO.