Sandbox in Comodo Firewall under Vista x64!


Can anyone confirm if Comodo Firewall has a per-application sandbox virtualization technology like Sandboxie (same behaviour as Sandboxie) that can work under 64-bit Windows Vista (x64)? If this is the case I am happy to ditch my Norton firewall forever, and even pay for a pro version of the Comodo Firewall with this specific feature. I badly need sandboxing (a la Sandboxie) in my environment, and Microsoft Virtual PC does not serve this need due to the low specs of the virtual machines it creates (it doesn’t offer your actual hardware/high-end graphics card, e.g., NVIDIA 8800 GTX, to the applications running under guest operating systems in virtual machines, so it is useless for the sort of apps I am running).

Please help. P.S. Comodo Diskshield is NOT suitable for me either, for a bunch of reasons; what I want is Sandboxie-like behaviour.

Much grateful,

No need for such a desperate post Joe. Comodo is working on there own version of Sandboxie but till then just use Sandboxie like I do. Works great along side Comodo.

Sorry you missed my point! Sandboxie does NOT work under 64-bit Windows Vista, otherwise I would have been using it (as I am currently using it under 32-bit Vista on another machine)!

We have all now moved to 64-bit Vista. It’s MANY WAYS better than the 32-bit version of Vista.

Have you tried this version.