Sandbox in cis

I was wondering…when comodo isolates an app as partailly limited what can it do and can’t do exactly?
Cause everytime my admuncher starts it will isolate it even when I tell it to not isolate again.


The program is allowed to access all the Operating system files but it can not change protected files, or registry keys. It can not load drivers either.

What I do is to click " Do not autosandbox this application again " and inmediately execute the program one more time. Also make sure the program application is in your trusted files. If Comodo forgets add the whole program directory to the trusted files. You can also add the application to the Computer Security Policy > Defence plus rules as an Installer/updater.

See this for more information:;msg450590#msg450590

Hope it helps.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


You are welcome. :smiley: