Sandbox - have to keep approving several progs after startup

How does Sandbox work ?

Each time I restart, I gotta re-allow certain programs via Sandbox

Any pointers on this ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

have you tried moving them manually to my own safe files ?

How do you do this ?

Where should I look ?

I see a list of stuff under the “View Firewall Events” link that is under the Firewall/Common-Tasks area, but I so far I haven’t been able to find how to manually change the status of a program

Thanks :slight_smile:

anything that is going into sandbox is listed in my pending files, select the ones you want and move to my own safe files.


You will find the applications that were automatically sandboxed by Comodo in “My pending files” (Defense + > Common Tasks). When you are sure that this applications are safe, you can move them to the “My own safe files”.

If you are not sure, you can submit the file to Comodo for analyse (mark the application in “My pending files” and then “Submit”.


Thanks, I’ll do it now, much appreciated :slight_smile: