Sandbox/Game Mode Suggestion

I have two suggestions a suggestion. that are alternatives to each other, though not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Adding an option to instead of automatically sandboxing an application, then asking if it should be sandboxed in future. Having the CIS Sandbox intercept the execution of executables, specific to one or more directory hierarchies (e.g. Steam Library, GOG Games, etc.), and request whether the executable should be sandboxed or not to begin with (akin to how real time anti-virus halts execution). Or just not sandbox the executables in the specified tree(s) at all.

Include a escalated or ‘Super’ Game Mode that would inhibit the Sandbox. Perhaps by adding a context menu option to CIS’ existing shell extension (e.g. Do not run in COMODO Sandbox), or a drag and drop mechanism on the COMODO widget?

BTW, regardless, it’d be helpful if there were a game mode button on the COMODO Widget. I know you can access Game mode by accessing the context menu of the widget, but an option to add a permanent button would be nice.

Splitting this one topic into three and adding polls to each, to conform with the Wishlist guidelines.

Ref. this post and this post.

Setting rules that apply to all files and directories under a specified directory is an interesting idea. I don’t think I’d use that much, if at all, but I can see where many people would. I’ll bet working that into the UI in a way that helped more ppl than it confused would be pretty tough though.

I don’t know, I think it would pretty easy. Have a sub menu under Security Settings → Defense+ → Sandbox in Advanced Settings that allows a user to create Exclusions for Paths/Applications as are available under the Antivirus menu. The behavior of the exclusion, to intercept or simply ignore the sandboxing of a directory or executable, could be represented by check boxes or a radio button. That is IF option of both were incorporated. I’d be happy for one or the other behavior of my first suggestion.