Sandbox from Comodo Endpoint security manager not normal.

We have bought Comodo Endpoint security for 50 users in our company. But Comodo is destroying our software like:
Exact Globe from Exact Globe+. Innovatieve business software | Exact
Elvy from
Modest from

It sandbox dll and exe files in a vtroot folder directly on the C:\ drive. Also files like Google Chrome, NitroPDF, and Microsoft Office are sandboxed. Even when they are added to trusted files and excluded from scanning they are going to be sandboxed.

Couple of times we had support and the settings where default with exclusions. But still it sandbox files and make some software not working anymore. We are very disappointed about this Comodo software. With Bitdefender cloud we had never this kind of problems. When you whitelist files the virusscanner must never sandbox this files.

We have about 1000 trusted files and stil the half of them are sandboxed! On some computers we have removed Comodo and put a free virusscanner on it like 360 because the software like Exact, Elvy and Modest could not run anymore. Comodo blocks really every file on your computer and network.

You can create ignore sandbox rules for the installation path of the applications see here for more info Comodo Help you could also define each application as trusted under the file list Comodo Help