Sandbox for firefox

Hi, how can ı use sandbox for firefox?

Go to Defense + → Sandbox → Programs In The Sandbox → Add → choose FF and the level of restriction you want.

I tried to sandbox FF, but Firefox was then running slowly and was missing paths to Flash etc. Unusable.

OK, finally it seems that Firefox works as it should. It took long to copy Gmail Offline and I had to reinstall virtually Adoble flash player.

So to make Flash Player work you installed it from within the Sandboxed Firefox?

Yes, from within sandboxed Firefox. It asked to install plugin etc. It created in sadnbox Windows directory etc. ANyway sandboxed Firefox seems slower than regular.

Ok, ı try this, add firefox to sandbox, everything is ok but ı cant copy paste in the firefox, why?

Are you running FF as Restricted or higher in the sandbox? Then you can’t access the clipboard.