Sandbox for Chrome and Pidgin

Simply, Chrome seems to be stuck in loading page and does nothing after sandboxing. Unless it takes hours to copy necessarry files into Sandbox folder. Pidgin has strange problem, I cannot type uppercase and special characters like ?, <, etc. Simply CTRL, SHIFT are not working in Pidgin in sandbox.

It seems you have to set Chrome as Unrestricted if sb’d. I have asked if there is a fix to set it to Limited but have not got an answer yet.

OK, thanks. I thought that unrestricted is same as without sandbox. I must check sandbox help more.

Did you manage to sort the problem of uppercase characters in Pidgin? I have exactly the same problem. Didn’t think it was related to Comodo.

Yes, I had to run sandbox to unrestricted level. Limited one is causing problems.

There’s a known problem with Chrome. I assume it will be fixed in an upcoming update.