Sandbox: Firefox Portable settings/etc. not saving.

RE: Firewall 6 D+ & BB off - Win7 HP SP1 x64

I’m trying to run portable firefox.exe in the Sandbox, partially limited.

I can update adblock plus filters, change an option (i.e. download folder) or change a pref in about:config but upon a browser restart, none of the changes got saved. As well path\profile\safebrowsing files are not updating. All those exist in the user profile folder.

I set C:\Portables[i]path\profile[/i]* and then C:\Portables[i]root path[/i] in “do not virtualize.” No fix.

FYI: while out of the Sandbox I set the download path to Shared Space and files download there fine when the app is in the Sandbox.

Is there something else I need to configure/tweak? Or does the Sandbox just not jive with a portable app?


You need to add the folders to Define exceptions for behavior blocking.