Sandbox - Firefox add-on updates

Is there any way to get updates for my Firefox add-ons to install with FF running Sandboxed? I thought perhaps checking the “Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox” would take care of that, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I apologize if this has been covered already. I did look around a bit but don’t have the time to comb the entire archives. I didn’t see anyone else bring this up and that’s surprising to me so perhaps I didn’t look hard enough.

I don’t have “Automatically trust files from trusted installers” checked now that I look at my settings. Perhaps that was/is the culprit? I checked it now but won’t know until there’s another update for an add-on. Hopefully somebody can shed some light on this before that.

Please excuse my ignorance and thanks a bunch for the help.

If you are running version of CIS, and you have automatically detect checked, then Firefox should deposit its installation files non-virtualised, even if running virtualised itself. (FF will not work if it deposits them inside the sandbox).

There was a bug in 4.0 that could cause installation files to be virtuaised

If you want to be doubly sure unsandbox FF and re-start before updating.

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Well I have both “Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox”, and “Automatically trust files from trusted installers” checked… and the updates for my add-ons are not sticking. I just tried twice to update NoScript from v.96 to .97 and it won’t. I have to take Firefox out of the sandbox to get them to work. Firefox itself might update fine, but the add-ons do not (at least not for me). I’m using just the Firewall/Defense+, version 4.1.15039.920

That was really the only reason I had those 2 boxes checked to begin with, hoping it would remedy this situation. Since it doesn’t I’ll just uncheck them. I guess for now I’ll just unbox FF when I have updates for my add-ons.

Thanks anyway. I do greatly appreciate the prompt response and your time.

Is it possible that you installed these add-ons under version 4.0 of CIS, with FF sandboxed, and that they have therefore been virtualised?


I have managed to replicate this problem, I think.

I updated FF from 3.6.2 to 3.6.4, running the update outside the sandbox. The update took outside the sandbox and no add ons were reported as out of date.

The update did not affect FF when run from within the sandbox. It still reported v 3.6.2, and reported that add-ons were out of date, even though their version numbers were the latest version. I examined the firefox record in C:\vritualoot and noted that a 3.6.2 FF installation, with all program files, was sandboxed there, and that other hidden folder vritualroot\firefox.exe had been created within the vritualroot\firefox.exe\harddiskvolume2\ folder (ie recursive vritualroot creation had occurred). This installation was probably created under 4.0 of CIS, with FF running sandboxed.

I then updated FF from 3.6.2 to 3.6.6 running the update within the sandbox. This update took when the program was run from within the sandbox, reporting version 3.6.6, with all add ons up to date and of the same version number as before. I noted that the sandboxed FF installation had not been updated, presumably showing the corrected behaviour present in 4.1. The recursively created vritualroot\firefox.exe folder (within virtualroot\firefox.exe\harddiskvolume2) has not been changed either. I then restarted FF outside the sandbox, and it reported hat its version was 3.6.6 and all add ons were up to date, showing that the update had taken and once again demonstrating that CIS behaviour has been corrected under 4.1.

So I think that is the answer to this mystery - 4.0 sandboxed installations when it should not have done, and this confused the installers.

How to correct the problem? IT seems that updating to 3.6.6 with FF running inside the sandbox corrects it. But if it doesn’t I would try uninstalling FF completely, deleting C:\vritualroot\firefox.exe, rebooting, then re-installing firefox and all add-ons outside the sandbox. That should fix it, albeit at the loss of browsing history etc. Apologies for this!

Since 4.0 corrects the problem things should be OK from now on!

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After rebooting (maybe I had an instance running without noticing), Firefox run from outside the sandbox reverted to 3.6.4 according to the ‘about’ dialogue. Add-ons still OK though.

So it seems there may still be a problem in 4.1, though its still possible that it is inherited from 4.0. I’ll do a clean install and test as soon as I have time.

Best wishes