sandbox doesn't work after restoring backup settings from previous version

I’m not sure if it’s bug or I do something wrong but after latest Cf program update applications don’t run sandboxed when I do CF settings backup restore. Auto-sandbox and green dots box are checked on, but programs run in a normal way after adding them to sandbox.
I regularly use sandbox for my browsers creating for them “fully virtualized” rule and it worked fine in previous program version. In a newer version sandbox works if I don’t restore backups, but with settings restored and activated it doesn’t. I tried reinstalling CF, disabled new preconfigured rules in sandbox , removed sandboxed programs from backup and added them again but no good.

I am always weary of using settings after a big version update like the one from v7 to v8. I’d rather start clean to prevent unexpected effects.

all right, will keep this in my mind.

i second that , wtf , why in hell would you guys make this an issue , ive got a ton of configurations going on in my CF settings backup and theres no way in hell ill redo them…again, its been now what? the second time? , since comodo seems to break settings with every version update as of recently this cant be happening , instead of making excuses please fix this issue, as said by white31 this happens both when upgrading and while doing a clean install i too have tried both methods , comodo internet security 8 has an incompatibility bug with CIS 7 settings , if you guys release updates you gotta make sure previous versions settings get transferred over as well to the new format, ive never experienced this with any other program update , comodo being the first offender ever to me , i dont want to be forced having to downgrade to 7 , id appreciate it alot

UPDATE> ok ive found out today that the old v7 config works after some tinkering , all you have to do is to disable autosandboxing , then restart your pc and then reenable it and sandboxing works again , thou this bug shouldnt be happening in the first place , also this happens when updating comodo 7 to 8 the firewall global rules get deleted so its advisable to import a backup of your previous comodo settings that fixes that issue as well

updated previous post

Thanks for replying generallawn. I didn’t try your method but you might still want to revert to v7 after you look here: I accidentally found this and this may be the reason why old backups don’t work…

welp , another update on the status of restoring v7 profiles to v8 comodo , it dont work quite as ive expected it too afterall , as ive said if you disable autosandbox , restart and enable it it works , …that is until you restart your pc again while leaving autosandboxing enabled , and again sandboxing doesnt run , so forget about this idea , and thanks im indeed required to revert back to comodo v7 , v8 is just full of bugs and issues to be

using it as of yet , im suprised the devs released it in this state , reminds me much of the Virtualbox devs over at oracle , with theyre recent update breaking 95% of all Virtual Machines aka it wont run them , lols , hence users having to revert to the previous version , whats this pushing out unfinished software as of recently i just dont get it , devs should take a few more months or a year for all i care to polish the software update and then release it not have the public become its beta testers , this is outrageous

As a general recommendation we advice to not import a configuration when making a big step (like from going to v7 to v8). Or do a clean installation.

Usually when updating using the program updater it will preserve the configuration from the older version (v7 in this case) which in turn can be activated.

“Usually when updating using the program updater it will preserve the configuration from the older version (v7 in this case) which in turn can be activated.”

sure it can , that doesnt mean that the configuration from cis 7 is compatible with cis 8 since in this case it is not and prevents sandboxing from running without having to disable and reenable on every system restart,
ive already tried both a update and clean installation both do not work , meaning the configuration from CIS 7 having compatibility issues with CIS 8 , one of them would be Sandboxing not working properly anymore as said

ive already reverted back to CIS 7 as recommended by white31 and no more issues whatsoever , CIS 8 should have never been released this early , not in this state , full of bugs and issues as can be seen on the forum, i personally recommend to stay far away from CIS 8 until it reaches a full stable build , since this current situation is nothing more than having us do the beta testing for free

Also don’t forget delete those ads, I deleted them in safe mode+administrator…

did that as posted here