Sandbox doesn't always remember the "don't sandbox next time" selection

I’m using Pinnacle Studio and there are a number of Pinnacle related “.exe” files loaded when the program starts up. I’ve repeatedly told it to not run in Sandbox anymore but it doesn’t remember and runs them in sandbox the next time I run the program. Is there a manual way to exclude them from sandbox? When they are running in sandbox i can’t find a list of sandboxed files to exclude them. Thanks

First, please include your version of CIS. We can’t help you if we don’t know what you are running.

Sorry. It’s 4.1.150349.920

Have you tried adding these .exe’s to your Safe Files?

Yes and I’ve confirmed that they are in there.

v4.x didn’t have much in the way of managing the sandbox. v5 does, btw. It is still in beta.

Thanks, Is it available? Also I’ve noticed that the virus scan still sometimes hangs up. No particular file or type. Is comodo aware?

I have the same problem with Comodo Firewall 4.1 on my XP SP3 machine. I have to keep clicking the “Never Sandbox this again” option, but it will still sandbox it on the next boot. I’ve tried manually adding the programs to my safe list, but it still don’t work. I have D+ set to Safe mode.

I’ve also noticed on a lot of blocked D+ apps, that there’s no “Always remember this”, or it’s greyed out…

Can you make sure the file is not also in My Pending Files at the same time. If so, please remove it from there.

Also read Mouse1’s FAQ (see my signature) and How to remove individual applications/files from the sandbox? and see if that brings any help.

I have a screensaver that keeps popping up with the sandbox notice. every time I click on don’t run in the sandbox next time and that makes no difference. There’s some other apps that also pop up the sandbox alert and I click the same (seemingly ignored by Comodo) checkbox.

Nope, I already cleared my Pending files. I copied Mouses FAQ last night and reviewed it, but haven’t had a chance to try all of the tips…

Read what I wrote in the post before yours. Quite a few things there to try.