Sandbox copy paste problem

When anable sandbox , ı cant copy paste in firefox, how can ı solve this problem?

I have the same problem, but it is from Opera to Microsoft Word. If I turn off sandbox, it works just fine.

Are you enabling the sandbox from “Program in the Sandbox”? When setting to restricted you will block copy/paste.

No, for me, it’s set to the default as installed.

If I understand your situation correctly Word got automatically sandboxed? That’s odd, as I would expect it to be white listed. Try adding winword.exe to My Own Safe Files and restart Word when it was running.

On my system Word (along with FrontPage) is always sandboxed unless it’s added to My Own Safe Files. I experience the cut, copy, paste problems when sandboxed. I’ve submitted Word and FrontPage numerous times without a solution.

No, it was enabled from installation, no further. What’s odd is that when I check the sandboxed list it’s not listed there however, copying and paste to it unless I turn it off results in the issue expressed earlier–can’t copy and paste.

For me right now, I just have it disabled because I’ve tried all suggestions without success. I’m using Windows 7 by the way, not sure if it’s related to it or not.

Automatically sandboxed files do not show up in the Sandboxed list; in that list only those files show up that were put in the sandbox manually. That is confusing.

Mouse1 recently wrote a guide on the sandbox. The link is in my signature.