SandBox ByPass ! [Not a bypass]

COMODO Internet Security x64 v12.0.0.6882

a. run this file “UPXEasyGUI.exe”
b. pick a *.exe file to compress or decompress from a “folder”
c. now do check COMODO SandBox folder for compressed or decompressed
d. surprise the resulting file is in the “not in the sandbox”

note: also after install in sandbox the WPS Office v11.2.0.7646, do try to clean up the sandbox from resetting it from COMODO !
You can’t !

can you share virustotal link of that file

How can it be a sandbox bypass when it doesn’t even run in auto-sandbox to begin with? Application is trusted because it is signed by a trusted vendor. Please learn how CIS works before claiming a “bypass”.

Also the version of WPS Office to download for windows is v10.2.0.7646 or v11.2.0.9127, which one do you mean and how does resetting sandox not work?

can you share virustotal link of that file
I played around with it and saw nothing unusual, anyway heres the virustotal report

Im not sure if theres anything else to add that hasn’t been said.