SandBox Bypass AGAiN ! [No bypass]

I see that nobody test this right !
Unfortunate i don’t have time to explain this better, is not my intention or my job to do it.
a. run file “FileTypeDiag.exe” in SandBox !
b. in the box write “.pdf” for example
c. save the file as “whatever name u want” anywhere since is supposed to run in sandbox
d. now check if the resulting file is in the dir where u saved ! (it is there and NOT in the sandbox)

COMODO Internet Security
Win 10 LTSC Security ++ (conf by me)

PS. Forgot to say that the file is NOT SiGNED With Certificate like the last ones !

Again not a bypass, clearly there is something wrong with your setup that is causing the sandbox to not function properly. You should provide details about other security software installed and share your comodo config. Also explain how you run the application in the sandbox, do you use an auto-containment rule or do you use the run virtual task? Do you even see a green border around the application window when you run it in the sandbox? Do you save the output file in a location where it is configured in “Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders” containment setting?

;D ;D ;D

That was the problem, solved thanks.

use cruelsister s config with block unrecognized