sandbox blocking unknown apps from running

I understand that if you set the sandbox to block, no unknown problems will run. I also know that if I try to send a file to comodo when the sandbox is set to block, it will come back with the result failed to open file; does that mean that the comodo team won’t be able to take a look at the file to make sure it is safe and not malicious?

I checked and the online look up functions. I could not find a file to try to upload. It’s not easy to find one that has not been already uploaded to Comodo.

Could you not write a quick batch file, that should show up as an unknown file and be sand-boxed?

I wrote a small CMD file and, when it was run, it was sanboxed as unknown. I was then able to do an online lookup successfully. I tried to submit it but it would not submit until I exited the CMD file (it was sitting on a PAUSE statement). Once I exited it, I was able to submit successfully.

You will get the “failed to open” message if the file is still running, I think.

Ewen :slight_smile: