Sandbox & Behavior Blocker not installed?

I suggested to someone to switch from Windows Firewall to CIS, and afer he installed it, for whatever reason, there is no “Sandbox Tasks” area, and in the settings menu under Defense+, there’s no behavior blocker or sandbox menus. Is it possible that he did something wrong in the installation? :-\

Did they install Comodo Antivirus or Comodo Internet Security?

Comodo Internet Security

Ask them to go to “Add and Remove components” for CIS and ensure that they do in fact have the Firewall components installed.

I checked there, and both the firewall and AV were installed. I checked the installation file he used. Under the “Customize Installer”, only the first of the three tabs was showing up. He uninstalled AVG prior, but hadn’t run the removal tool, so I uninstalled CIS according to the Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems topic. The first tool didn’t work, coming up with some error, though the second CIS removal tool did run. Ran the AVG removal tool; according to him, he didn’t need the other uninstaller tools as AVG was the only thing in use so far. On reinstalling CIS, all three tabs showed up under Customize Installer. Both the Firewall and AV were installed, but the same problem resulted. Here are some screen shots:

Sandbox and Behavior Blocker are conspicuously absent. ???

Please check out this bug report and see if the symptoms match what you are experiencing. If so please respond to that report and provide a description of your issues along with system information.