Sandbox analysis delay?

in your explanation how sandbox works, you say an unknown application is automatically put into sandbox and sent to a server for further analysis.
How long does it takes to receive the result?
Does the popup close automatically when it receives a “trusted app” result? (The default timer is 20sec)
Can the application run fine in a sandbox?
Let say I run a game which is put automatically into sandbox, will it runs fine? And if I receive a “trusted app” result, will it be put into trusted category and apply the changes the app tried to make?

The look up time can be up to days or sometimes weeks. With the introduction of v4 there was a deluge of files to look up that Comodo is working hard to process.

It is hard to tell whether the sandboxing will effect the game. The proof of the pudding is in the eating here; just try.

When the look up will judge it to be trusted it will automatically be put in the trusted category.

When you trust the game (you know it is from reputable source) I would move it from My Pending Files to My Own Safe Files and don’t wait for the assessment.

ok thank you.

If it’s your legal game that you installed from a disc or downloaded from for instance Steam and you know 100% it’s clean, don’t wait for the look up. I usually move my games to my own safe files immediately. Concerning your second questions some games can run in Sandbox but others can’t because they need a higher level of trust