sand boxing programs won't stop

after having comodo CIS installed for years and having it function very well, suddenly it acted as if a fresh install and I had to trust and allow what seems to be every program that eventually runs. Some programs like from the HP solution center for my officejet printer, never get accepted. I submit them, and get them 'moved to your local comodo certified files database" , I move them to trusted, etc etc. however they keep getting sandboxed and restricted and now I can run the hp programs after having been running them for years with same comodo!!!
see attachment, I have done that process at least 3 times and it just keeps coming back, untrusted,
How do get these programs trusted and running under comodo once and for all???

[attachment deleted by admin]

What happens when you add the signature of the HP programs to the Trusted Software Vendor list?

I never saw an option to add the signature of the hp or any programs. the options as I remember was to add the program itself.
however, I felt it was black hole losing battle and I uninstalled and downloaded got the latest version and installed. the new install is not asking to verify every program I run and it lets hp run without ever asking anything about it. seems strange the old version went off the deep end trying (unsuccessfully) to reverify every single program and new version is all ok with everything. comodo seems to work great so I’m ok with the current outcome. my recent experience has an impression of the old version being stupidly too restrictive and the new version being too easy

The configuration of your old version may have gotten damaged. That incidentally happens when cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe crashes.

I hope you like the new version.