Sancho gui no longer works afer install of CIS

I installed CIS version 3.9.95478.509 on my Windows XP SP3 computer.
I chose to only install anti-virus, nothing else.
After installation i restarted the computer and noticed that Sancho was no longer working.
I tried to start Sancho again by double clicking it’s icon, but i only see a hour glass for a brief moment and then nothing happens.
Sancho.exe can then also not be found in the task manager.

I checked all the CIS logs and no information can be found that relates to Sancho.
I tried to exclude “C:\Program Files\sancho\sancho.exe” in both Antivirus aswell as in Defense+, it makes no difference.
When i uninstall CIS and restart the computer sancho works perfectly again.

F.Y.I. Sancho is a remote gui for my mldonkey server. It connects to my mldonkey server which is another computer in my LAN.
More info + download:

I hope you can help out, it might be a very interesting compatiblity problem that could also occur with other applications, maybe solving this problem can help you guys perfect Comodo.
If you need my help, just let me know.

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Alright, Let’s Try To Drill It Down Step By Step To Figure Out Where The Issue Is. Whether Its With The AV Or D+

Install CIS Without Firewall
Disable Defence+ Permenantly
Restart The System
Check Whether You Are Able To Open Sancho
If You Are Able To Open, Then We Need To Check With The D+ Settings.
Update Us With The Results

Hey you’re right, after i enabled “Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)” and then restarted, sancho works again.

So the problem must be with Defense+.

If You Want To Drill It More, You Can Post The Screenshot Of D+ Settings, Image Execution Settings & Computer Security Policy For D+.

Ok, please find the screenshots attached to this post.

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I’Ve Went Through The Settings, Let Me Know Whether It Works Fine With The Same Settings You Have Posted Or Its The Settings Where It Causes The Issue ? And I am Asking This Just For A Confirmation

The screenshots contain the settings by which sancho does not work.

Add Sancho To D+ Computer Security Policy As Trusted Application And Check

I added Sancho To D+ Computer Security Policy As Trusted Application. Now, instead of not starting, sancho crashes.

Please find attached the screenshots in which i disabled all defense+ settings.
Disabling all defense+ settings that i could find made no difference either.

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Try thiS

Go to Defense±>Advanced->Image Execution Settings->Exclusions and add the program into this list.


I had done that already. Sorry i did not post a screenshot of that.

Eventhough I Don’t Use MlDonkey, I Wanted To Try Installing Sancho. So I Installed It On My x64 Vista With CIS 3.9.95478.509. When I Tried To Open Sancho It Was Not Crashing And I Was Able To get Till The Connecting Screen. I’ve Attached The Screenshot Where You Can See My CIS Settings Overview And The Sancho Error Message. So I Would Request You Check Resinstalling Sancho With D+ Enabled On You System. If Possible Do The Installation After Changing To Comodo Proactive Security

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Ok, i’ve tried to reinstall Sancho, but that made no difference.
Maybe the problem only occurs in combination with Windows XP.

Let Me Check Whether I Can Get An XP System To Check With And Update You With The Results