Sanboxie and v3 not compatible!

Running XP with NOD32, AVG Anti-Spyware and Windows Defender. Even with v3 disabled, Firefox and IE7 crawl and are very erratic while sandboxed. They both run normally not sandboxed. Have uninstalled v3 for the third time.

Which version are you using I am using Sandboxie 3.20.01 no problems at all, have you made sure you are allowing all sandboxie process.

I installed V3 yesterday. I’ve had absolutely no problems at all with Sandboxie.Admittedly, at first I had lots of pop up alerts from Comodo,especially when emptying the sandbox.Today no alerts at all.
I read another thread, where someone was having difficulty emptying their sandbox after installing V3,this was down to the keyscrambler add on. Without tempting fate,I’m having no problems at all with V3, excellent. (L)

Thank you for the reply! I’ll install again and try it! I’m using 3.20 only and thought .01 was in response to this.

If you still have problems let me know and I will list the process I have got allow on my computer.

OK, thank you. We still have Thanksgiving visitors so I may not get to this until late. I was pegged by a mod for posting the same thread on Feedback, Help and Bugs but I did it because I’m sure not everyone checks multiple forum lists and you can’t be sure who had the same problem and perhaps rectified it.