SAN entries on wildcard certificate


I have a customer that currently has a wildcard SSL certificate for * They recently acquired another company and are starting to moan that when they go to (which points to the same location) they are getting the obvious invalid SSL message.

In an ideal world they would simply use and all would be well but they are asking whether we can allow them to carry on using the domain with the SSL certificate

I’ve tried doing some research and it looks like I need an SSL certificate with SAN entries. Is it possible to add these to my current wildcard SSL certificate or would I need to get a new MDC cert with each subdomain added

get * with SAN entries for,
get MDC SSL key with SAN entries for, etc…,,

thanks for any advice on this


get MDC SSL key with SAN entries for, etc....,,


it’s been now two years. Are there any news about this topic?
We have the same problem like welshdave.

Is there still no way to have a combination between SAN and wildcard certificate?
We just want to have all * certified plus time by time some external domains.

The list would look like this:

We want to avoid to add each of our subdomains by hand.

Two more points:

  • Are there any restrictions which servers support these kind of certificate?
  • Is it a problem if already has its own wildcard cert, and we try to certify with our cert?

Thanks for your help.


You need an MDC SSL as Sal Amander says.