Samsung Easy SpeedUp Manager

I have a Samsung R60 laptop with Vista SP1. Like many Samsung laptops this one comes with a program called Easy SpeedUp Manager which starts with Windows. I am not sure what ESM does but it keeps trying to access the memory of other processes. Because it is marked as “safe”, Defense+ allows it apart from when ESM tries to access the memory of any of the Comodo processes (even the event viewer), in which case it blocks it. As this happens about once per second, the event log contains several hundred messages after only a few minutes! This makes it very difficult to spot any other messages in the log, especially as I cannot find any way to clear the log and so there are now over a thousand messages. :frowning:

I have submitted the executable to Comodo for analysis but the only solution that I can see at the moment is to switch off D+. However, I am reluctant to do this as I believe that it will make the firewall vulnerable to leaks.

Any suggestions?


Hi patermann,

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Right,down to busines,what you need to do is add this program to the exclusion list of the self protection settings of CPFV3.
Start with Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy.Now find the entry for COMODO Firewall Pro,right click on it and choose “Edit”.On the new window that appears click on “Protection Settings”(in blue).
Now click on “Modify” next to “Interproces Memory Access” and you will get a new window called exceptions.
You need to add Easy SpeedUp Manager to this list by clicking “ADD” and then using running processes or browse.
Once you have added it APPLY to close all windows.

Hope this helps,