Same IP for long time

Hi there,

To change my IP address I must turn off my router for at least 1/2 hour+. But I usually have to leave it on for several weeks on end. So that means I am always using exactly the same IP for a long time. Will this increase my chance of being exploited?

I don’t believe so, If you’ve taken the standard precautions when configuring your router and the devices behind it, I can’t see why it should be any worse than having a dynamic IP address, at least in terms of security. I have a static IPv4 address, which has been the same for a long time now and I’ve not seen any increase in malicious activity (actually I’ve not seen any) I think perhaps a more valid concern, if it really is, is privacy. having the same address could be an issue, but that really depends on what you do on the Internet :a0

I am on the same IP address for 5 years I think. Have never been hacked.