Same Colour?

Hi Melih last quetion pending in your pm ;D

Btw, IMO it’s the same (to respond to the thread).

we shouldn’t use threads to tell me that i have a PM :slight_smile:

I see them :slight_smile:

Good one. But I can still see the difference in color :slight_smile: You as well?

I still see two different shades of grey. What is this test case meant to show?

IMO it has a better effect using a smaller item like a pen to separate the shades, then really focus on either colour.

You can see only a small difference in color. They almost looks the same if you cover the middle and look from the different sides. You must have very good eyes to spot the difference.

The colour is the same - gray. The only difference in perception is in brightness.

48 more shades and then the excitement will heat up. :wink:

I tried with a pen as suggested and then the shade of grey are the same;or may be one shade different…

As captainsticks pointed there should be “Fifty Shades of Grey” in order to make it “work & arouse”… an interest :smiley: