Sam Spade v1.14 Great for looking up ip Addresses

Sam Spade is a general-purpose Internet utility package, with some extra features to help in tracing the source of spam and other forms of Internet harassment.

Sam Spade fetures include:
ping - nslookup - whois - IP block - dig - traceroute finger - SMTP VRFY - web browser keep-alive - DNS zone transfer - SMTP relay check - Usenet cancel check - website download - website search - email header analysis - Email blacklist - query Abuse address - And More…

Read more at Download Sam Spade - MajorGeeks

I have used this tool since it was released…in 2002!
Still Works under Windows 8 64bit

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Sam Spade . . . I remember those days ,but it might be time for an upgrade. ;D

Maybe i won’t be using Nettools i got a PUP alert from avast. see attached screenshot.
I did an ignore but. it seems to be to much power for simple things.
The other net Tools wanted to modify files.
Sam Spade works for general tasks and doesn’t modify system files.

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Sam Spade sounds like it could be the title of a computer game to me… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: