Safesurf and Hopsurf

A couple of months ago I installed firewall ona PC along with safesurf, and I get an icon in the tray showing that safesurf is running. recently installed on another Pc and now only have option of Hopsurf, no icon in ntray and a toolbar in browser that I don’t really want (sick of these things cluttering up the screen). Has hopsurf replaced safesurf? Does it give the same protection and if so do I have to have the darned toolbar enabled to run it?

Yes, Hopsurf has replaced Safesurf. I am unsure as to what protection it actually provides.

I never installed Safesurf, but I tried Hopsurf and noticed that it had an option to scan your computer from online. I can however tell you that whatever protection Hopsurf provides should be at least as good as that of Safesurf. I’m just not sure if that is worth installing an additional toolbar.

I’m perfectly happy running CIS and Web Of Trust.

Safe-surf was “Buffer overflow protection” module before it was integrated into Defence+. You do not need it or Hopsurf now to be protected against Buffer Overflow attacks.

Just make sure you have the latest version installed 3.13.xxxx.581 Found under Miscellaneous/About