Safest way to update to 3.13?

I have CIS 3.12 installed on my 32-bit WinXP Pro PC, and I want to update to 3.13. I have a custom configuration with the automatic check for program updates disabled (and many trained rules). I have already downloaded the 3.13…573 installer.

Does CIS 3.13 work correctly if I import my custom configuration from 3.12?

For 3.12 → 3.13, is it safer to let CIS update itself or to do a clean install?

What is the safest procedure for the update (step by step)?


I simply ran the update from Miscellaneous/Check For Updates. Worked great. All settings remained.

(note - Win7 Ultimate x64).

Only thing that got reported that if you are running the install WITHOUT AV you can better export your configuration, and do a clean install and import the config, the NON AV update seems to download the AV database also which is 105MB at the moment, so that would be useless network traffic in that case.

I did a inline update without trouble here by the way, Win7 x32

I updated to 3.13…574 using Miscellaneous/Check For Updates, and it went smoothly. My custom configuration persisted through the update. I didn’t see any backup configurations like others reported with earlier versions of 3.13. The only problem I experienced was that the update added many companies to My Trusted Software Vendors that I don’t trust. But I know how to use the delete key. :wink:

Thanks to John and Ronny for their kind and quick help.

Looks like the updater is not capable to “skip” the AV part for an update of CIS FW+D+ only install.
Hope they’ll fix this in version 4

It has nothing to do with using the onboard installer or the standalone installer…

68MB is the size before the AV database is downloaded. This database is around 106MB. So after you download the database, you’re sitting at over 170MB regardless of your update method.

Even if you only install the firewall, it wants to perform a system scan to ensure your computer is clean. In order to to this, it needs to download the AV database. So even with a firewall only install, you will end up with a large folder.

Correct, Installer scanner was dropped a few versions ago…

My mistake. I haven’t run the firewall only. I was just going by posts I’ve read questioning where to find the scanner in the firewall because it ran a scan on install, so they thought the firewall could scan.