Safely Remove other AV's to "migrate" to COMODO'S AV

I have 2 computers, computer A which is the primary home computer, and Computer B which is a shared laptop. They are not networked to PC A. ( and never will be )

PC B is undergoing new installation of CAV, is currently doing it’s first full scan as I type.
50 minutes so far and no threats found yet.

PC A has a Anti-Virus that I wish to un-install. It is a popular brand, but I don’t want it anymore, it was not installed by me, it was installed by the computer repair shop, a certified MS dude.

Questions are:

  1. Do I mention here in public the name of the anti-virus software I want to completely un-install, that means it’s “footprints” etc and all or as many traces of that software here?
    How do I get rid of all of it’s residual “footprints”

Or do I just run the uninstall process as normal and install COMODO over the top of everything?

BTW, I am slowly migrating to COMODO products, so far I am using DRAGON, SYSTEM CLEANER but it seems I still need to use CCleaner. These 3 are on PC A
I sometime alternate between DRAGON and Firefox.

Because PC B is a shared laptop with a house mate and has 2 user accounts, I need to do the migration “tactfully” because she is one of those “panic merchants” when anything changes !
But in good time she will become “converted”.

Finally, for simplicity’s sake, I may stay on this thread will many other questions regarding CAV, hope this is ok, mainly for a reference point as I learn more about COMODO products


Hi Lazlo and welcome.
You can mention the other software no problem there, also if it is listed in this list it wouldn’t hurt to use the removal tools for the product in question just to help clean up any traces.
If you have other questions about Comodo products, it is probably best to start new Topics with an informative Topic title with relevence to the questions as you have done here. This way you would give the most chance of informative replies. Kind regards and enjoy Comodo.

Thanks captain…,

Computer A has AVG…it has served me well over the years, and has done it’s job but I don’t agree with some of the features it has today.

After the initial scan of Computer B with CAV, it found some issues that were not to difficult to resolve.
I had to completely remove NERO, it was a “pest” according to CAV and something is conflictiong with windows media player, it will not play MP3
Error ID = 0xC00D11BA, Condition ID = 0x00000000

I want to disable WMP or uninstall.
The question is, which is a suggested media player?
I have searched by typing in “open source media player”, but so many come up and I am not savvy on what’s what.
I need the media player for seminars, last night both computers let me down, fortunately technology prevailed with a pocket size MP3 player. ( Plan C !)

This is all I have for now and anything else I’ll start a new thread.

Thanks for the support.

Hi Lazlo. To me it sounds like a possible chance of a conflict with your sound device and CIS, it might be helpful to have a look here.

Depending on your operating system you might be able to at least disable WMP through add/remove windows components. Check here for other Media player suggestions.

If you can’t resolve the errors please provide more information about your system also CIS logs, and someone might be able to help. Good luck.

i highly recommend VLC media player
it plays most types of files without installing additional codec its light and simple
i havent found a file type it cant play yet

these “processes of eliminations” seem never ending!
While probing the suggestions posted above, I was again pestered by a slowness in Computer A!
A “download update”, and who was the culprit this time?
So off with it to, unisntalled Adobe PDF and all it’s “foorprints”, rebooted and the PC seemed to have a new lease of life. Sharp and fast.

PDF I am ising now is Foxit Reader…and there are no conflicts or slowness.
I have spent enough wasted downtime with these pests, need to get on with backlog of work, back in a few days to post further progress.

Will check out the suggested media players…