Safely remove hardware probs with CAV

Since I installed CAV whenever I try to use the safely remove hardware utility for a thumb drive or mass storage device, I get the same error every time, that says "the device generic volume cannot be stopped right now, try stopping again later.

This didnt happen until CAV was installed, anybody else having the same problem??? :THNK

This is a famous (at least for me :)) bug in CAVS. I think there is a workaround, not sure though. You may find it you search the CAVS board. Personally I restarted my system when I had CAVS and wished to stop a mass storage device, but of course, that may not be a good solution for everybody.


i had the same issue with CAVS 2. and can’t do anything about it. the only way is to shut down the computer and unplug the drive, or restarting comp & remove the drive before doing anything.
but i think it’s ok to just remove the disk (am i right?).
this is what i do : (the removable disk is plugged)
on my computer ==> right click on any drive ==> properties ==> “hardware” tab, there’s a list of hardwares, and choose the removable drive ==> properties ==> “policies” tab.
on the “policies”, tick optimize for quick removal.

so i won’t need to safely remove anything.