Safefile HASH by Comodo


I am having an issue adding safe files or whitelisting them, from ESM console.
There is one personalized application (.NET based) from one of my clients that has lots of modules. I want to add each module to the whitelist (they are around 50 modules). But the software is made in a way, that visually you cannot see the EXE file in the path you know it should be located.

So you can navigate with ESM Console or with Windows Explorer to the path for each EXE file (50 of them), but once you get to the locatation where they should be, you cannot see them, not even by alllowing to view hidden files and allowing to view system protected files. Don’t ask me why, because I didn’t develop that software. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can only see the EXE file once is being executed and it’s running in memory (ctrl + alt + del).

So my 2 points are:

1. WISHLIST: It would be nice and lovely from COMODO ESM Team to develop ESM in a way that would allow us to add trusted files not only by location/path but also from RUNNING PROCESSES. Imagine you want to add from ESM hundreds of “personalized” files. You have to browse through the path of each one of them. Time consumer! It would be faster to see all the running processes of all the endpoints and start adding from there the EXE files running, to the trusted list of files.

2. QUESTION: Since by now, we dont have the feature I am requesting in my first point, the only thing I could do is to export a policy and manually add the trusted files into the XML file exported, using the mark for each file. My question is: is there a way to get the HASH from each file manually? It doesn’t look like an MD5 or SHA1 hash. It seems to me that is a COMODO hash.

Thank you in advance.

+1 Having lots of problems with some 3G Broadband dongles when customers change ports due to this.

Hi guys,

I may have a little something for you. Give me a couple more days of testing please.

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Something really needed.