Safe to turn off Win7 Base Filtering Engine service ?

I have been a long time Comdo CIS user and really want to thank you for the free version.

I have Windows 7 built-in firewall turned off, and using CIS 5.12.xx.

Can anybuddy tell me whether, it’s safe to turn off the Base Filtering Engine (BFE) services in Window-7 32 bit ?

BTW, which default windows services, CIS needs to be running?


I don’t think it would be a good idea to disable that service as I think the firewall does depend on it.

as I think the firewall does depend on it.
So you are not sure.

Can any Comodo dev team/staff provide a confirmation to what Mr futuretech says, please.

Can anybody bring this post to the notice of comodo staff.


You are unlikely to get a response from comodo which regards to version 5.12 as that version is no longer supported, also you can try to stop the service and then make block rules for an application to see if the firewall is still able to block the connection request. But it would be best to leave that service running.

Post from 2012 should answer you question.;msg635473#msg635473