Safe Surf

!ot! Is this the right forum to ask this question, my safe sufe doesn’t update, the window
says air, oops’, error 88)


Btw as long as I’m naw forget it (:WAV)

CFP v 3 board seems more proper, I moved your topic here. :slight_smile: (:m*)

BTW I’m afraid I can’t help you since I don’t use SafeSurf.


i still have the update error too. i heard someone say that it was fixed in a follow up update but mine still doesn’t work either.


I do have a question though,
Why not make it possible to download/install different skins for the homepage
like Google, there is and Google and more… you get my idea ?

not really…

The initial version of safesearch seemed to have this update issue. A clean install of the latest version has, For Me, resolved the issue.


yes, i got it working too


I got tired of fighting it so its been uninstalled, I may try the updated version. I should start a new thread for Comodo Anti-Spam, my computer got sick
after the install when I rebooted. Should I start a new thread? ???

Thanks again guys for the much appreciated help! :-TU

If you do watch out for the cat!!!


Please do so! :slight_smile: