Safe Shopping says remote connection

Hell all
following from hxxps://;msg852230#msg852230
I too have this problem, but in this case the culprit seems to be Zemana antilogger,
HKLM/Wow6432node/Comodo Group/CSS/remote contains
REG_SZ (value not set)
REG_SZ c:\program files (x86)\antilogger\antilogger.exe
REG.SZ si:k:2,42,16|
REG.DWORD 0x00a448c5 (10766533)

If I click Continue when I get the message then Secure Shopping seems to be ok, but after 90 seconds I receive the same message again, and this happens every 90 seconds. This gets rather tedious, so is there a way to get the Continue select to ‘stick’ or to tell SS that I am happy with antilogger running ?
I have tried stopping antilogger, and still get the same result on opening SS, so I am a bit confused that SS complains about antilogger when it is not running.

Currently their isn’t a way to remember your answer to continue anyway with the remote connection alert. I suspect that even when you disable anitlogger it still injects/hooks into the browser or its components is still running/loaded.

As addition to post above, check if multiple applications trigger it by inspecting CSS log.

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately the only file in Program Data\Comodo\CSS is authroot.stl

That’s strange.