Whey you run a scan of your system with comodo, it scans all files, even if comodo already knows that their safe. I thnk comodo should only scan files that do not have a digital signiture that is in the Comodo Trusted Vendors List. I mean its in the name “Trusted Vendors” so does comodo really have to scan them?

What about those of us who do not use the TVL?

Huh? Is there an option that turns of the TVL? Don’t you have to use it?

There used to be an option, but the devs took it away. You have to delete the entire list if you don’t want to use it.;msg497266#msg497266

The list is “Trusted” by Comodo. Don’t you trust Comodo protect your Computer?

well if people dont trust the TVL why would they want to skip those files during a scan?

this seems like a good idea it will help the scan speed

I think it would be more preferable if comodo had an option to only scan new or modified scans after full scan to lower memory consumption and also have an option of cloud scan in real time protection has well

It’s just me, personally. I don’t “trust” the validity of the list. I want to check the untrusted files myself. I’m a pretty safe user and don’t run into very many CIS alerts with my setting as untrusted.

For example, there are some of Adobe’s files that I don’t want to allow to run on my system or even allow Internet access. If Adobe Systems in on the TVL, they would be allowed (unless I specifically deny them). I find it easier not to allow anything without my approval.